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Beats Per Millennium - A BPM Christmas

A BPM Christmas

Just in time for your holiday parties, it’s the best in Christmas hip hop!

Has any musician lost less credibility in a move to the clergy as Rev. Run? Check out that ridiculous third verse of the song. And where the hell did he get that kid?

“Why don’t you play some Christmas music?”
“This is Christmas music!”
In some kind of freaky symbiosis, Die Hard and Christmas in Hollis fed off one another to each become an unconventional Christmas Classic. Can you listen to this song without thinking “Now I have a Machine Gun, Ho Ho Ho?”

In Snoop Dogg’s second appearance on the countdown (is this a countdown?) he smokes weed and ruins Santa for any children that happen to be listening, and it still ends up heartwarming. Yay!

TLC manages to play it the straightest of anyone on the list and still manages to class it up just by being TLC.

Apparently my girlfriend wants what Beyonce is getting. Coincidentially, the one thing that Beyonce is getting that she didn’t mention in the song is “me to feel inadequate.”

This is off the album “A Dipset Christmas.” I just typed that sentence. Wow.

No video for this one, but the story is good enough that you don’t need one. Leave it to De La to write a holiday song that just isn’t a holiday song.

Finally, I would be remiss if I didn’t feature Kurtis Blow’s Christmas Rapping, the one that started it all. The song was on his seminal self-titled debut, the first hip hop album ever released on a major label. Who says the holidays aren’t hood?

Posted by Joe Kaiser at Dec 24, 2008 03:32 PM