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Beats Per Millennium - And the best hip hop song ever is...

And the best hip hop song ever is...

Fight the Power. According to VH1, anyhow.

OK, let’s get it straight – VH1 is much kinder to hip hop than most have been. Sure, they run Flavor of Love (cross promotion? conflict of interest?) but they also do Hip Hop Honors… they’ve come a long way from Pop-Up Video declaring the only rap song on the network was “Rapture” by Blondie.

The countdown starts on Monday and will last all week in typical VH1 fashion. But the top 5 is pretty solid – after Fight the Power comes Rapper’s Delight, Nuthin but a G Thang, Walk This Way, and The Message. Hard to argue with any of them, though I usually mute the parts of Walk This Way with Aerosmith Steven Tyler.

Want to bitch about it? Want to attempt to identify VH1’s target demographic in 500 words or less? Take it to the comments.

Posted by Joe Kaiser at Sep 24, 2008 03:00 PM