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Beats Per Millennium - Bananas rap super group in the works?

Bananas rap super group in the works?

For those who missed the news (us), legendary Houston rapper Scarface recently announced that he will be quitting the rap game after the release of his next album. He said there is only one way he will make music again…as part of a super group with Ice Cube and Nas.

This, of course, would be bananas, as noted in the title. But what does Ice Cube think about the idea?

“I wouldn’t even think twice about doing that…hell yeah!”

Those were Cube’s words in an interview with, sigh,

So now it is just up to Nas. And of course all the other things that pop up to assure that things like this never actually happen. Nas may be a tougher sell than Ice Cube, seeing as he is the only one of the three whose career remains relevant. But here’s to hoping!

Posted by Mike Denslow at Oct 07, 2008 08:47 PM