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Beats Per Millennium - Beanie Sigel beefing with Jay-Z

Beanie Sigel beefing with Jay-Z

Let’s see – some rapper that I don’t really care about decided to start shit with the biggest rapper in the world because he detected some sly digs in said biggest rapper’s latest record, and now is bitching about him to anyone who’ll listen. Resolution? Join G-Unit! 50 Cent is the master of pointless cries for attention.

Jay-Z, who really doesn’t need to pretend to care, says that he was good to Beanie Sigel, that he had a contract, his own label, and some nice cars. Beanie says he earned all that shit. Good thing the music industry is so successful, and some rapper I don’t care about can afford to drive around in two Bentleys.

Posted by Joe Kaiser at Nov 04, 2009 03:04 PM