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Beats Per Millennium - Beyonce has sights set on Glastonbury

Beyonce has sights set on Glastonbury

Last summer Jay-Z rocked a main stage headlining spot at Britain’s famed Glastonbury Festival, proving to guitar-centric goofuses like Noel Gallagher that, yes, there are actually a bunch of people out there who enjoy rap. Now, Jay’s wife, Beyonce Knowles, has told Britain’s Sky News that she is anxious to follow in his footsteps.

Well…I don’t know. She doesn’t play a guitar…but at least she sings, huh?

“I thought it was brilliant,” Knowles said. “Jay had all the controversy and he came out and did good.”

Man…celebrities have the most interesting take on things.

Just cause it’s been a while…here is Jay being awesome at Glastonbury.

Posted by Mike Denslow at Nov 11, 2008 08:46 PM