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Beats Per Millennium - Canadian hip hop editor calling for ban on Cam'ron

Canadian hip hop editor calling for ban on Cam'ron

Well this is just bizarre.

Omololu Olunloyo is the editor of a Canadian hip hop site called The site bills itself as “North America’s #1 juiciest online music gossip tabloid site.” (Damn…I was hoping we could use that catchphrase.) Visit if you like, but prepare yourself for a layout that will give you a headache and enough caps lock to make Kanye West blush…sorry guys, not every site can have a layout guru like Joe Kaiser.

Well, Olunloyo, either in a desperate search for exposure (can’t fault him here), or an oddly misguided personal conviction, has gone all Bill O’Reilly on Cam’ron. We at BPM certainly have our own gripes with Cam, what with all that “no snitchin’” nonsense. But what seems to have set these nice Canadians off is the fact that Cam’ron’s new album is called Crime Pays. Hiphossip (what the hell does that mean anyway?) is countering that, in fact, no it does not. And these guys aren’t just writing up little stories about their disagreement with Cam’s life philosophy. They are freakin’ asking Canadian immigration officials to block Cam’ron and his crew from entering the country.

Listen…I’m not going to get into what Cam’ron is trying to say with the album title or the content of the lyrics, mostly because, well, I haven’t listened to the album yet. But blocking entry into the country? Haven’t we seen all this before? Haven’t we all (and by “all” I’m referring to people who actually spend time with rap music) agreed that rap lyrics aren’t necessarily literal suggestions? Should Kanye West be banned from Canada because he told kids to drop out of school? And even if Cam’ron’s album really is as bad as Olunloyo thinks he is, since when do we just ban artists we disagree with?

No. The end.

We’ll have our Cam’ron review soon. Let us know what you think!

Posted by Mike Denslow at May 12, 2009 09:33 PM