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Beats Per Millennium - Daddy Yankee still doing things to support McCain

Daddy Yankee still doing things to support McCain

Unfortunately, John McCain’s painful introduction of Puerto Rican rapper Daddy Yankee at an Arizona high school last week hit the news before BPM launched. Thankfully, Daddy Yankee did more pro-McCain stuff this week for us to talk about.

Yes, Daddy Yankee rocked Myth, a small club in Maplewood, MN Monday night for a mostly Latino crowd…and about forty Republican delegates. Sadly, rumors of a guest appearance by MC Rove never materialized.

Daddy Yankee’s outspoken support of McCain has drawn the ire of many of his fellow rappers, including Fat Joe, who labeled him a “sellout.” But Republican delegates are thrilled at the chance to win over young Latino voters who may still be on the fence.

Which leads me to the following…

Q: What time is it when Fat Joe is on the fence?
A: Time to get a new fence.

Posted by Mike Denslow at Sep 03, 2008 10:35 PM


Well played joke sir. Well played indeed.

illiniemags · Sep 5, 09:24 AM · #