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Beats Per Millennium - DJ Khaled: We Global

DJ Khaled: We Global

I’m still a little fuzzy on what exactly DJ Khaled does. He’s a producer and a DJ but each of the songs on We Global, his (the word “his” used very liberally here) third album, is credited to other producers. So he’s not making the beats. He’s obviously not rapping. So I guess he is simply the “executive producer.” Which means he just called up a bunch of friends to rap and produce tracks and then shouted his name out every few bars.

Filing We Global under DJ Khaled’s name at the record store is sort of like filing Monster Ballads under the name of the guy who selected its songs. This is an exaggeration of course. We Global is made up of all new music and Khaled probably deserves the credit for being well connected enough to put together an album featuring practically anybody who is anybody in commercial rap at the moment. Still, when he jumps in to holler, “We the best!” over the track you have to wonder who the hell he is referring to.

By my count, roughly forty different rap and R&B voices chime in on We Global. That’s not counting the myriad producers who step in to do what most buyers probably assume is being done by Khaled. It’s quite a collection the guy has assembled: Weezy, Yeezy, Jeezy, Missy, Nas, Busta, and Khaled’s baby-sitter’s brother to name a few.

So what do the year’s biggest rap names talk about when they get together? Well, money…duh. While many of the guys on this album rap about a wide range of issues in their own solo work, We Global seems to exist for the sole purpose of announcing their collective wealth. The album is an hour-long celebration of “making it,” and that’s respectable, but the singular theme can get awfully old awfully quick, especially considering the fact that the guy whose name appears on the cover seems to have gotten rich simply by having rich friends.

All this said I do not have an overall negative opinion of We Global. I see it as sort of a State-of-the-Game address since it sums up the current state of commercial/club rap quite accurately. If you hate everything you hear on the radio you are not going to find much worth listening to here. But if you, like me, feel that, despite its repetition and excesses, there is something of substance to be salvaged from commercial rap, this is a worthwhile, if unspectacular, listen.

Posted by Mike Denslow at Sep 18, 2008 12:33 AM


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