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Beats Per Millennium - DMC getting a reality show

DMC getting a reality show

“Run’s House” is enjoying a pretty good…um…run, over at MTV. So what better time than now for Darryl “DMC” McDaniels to announce plans to get into the reality business.

DMC has announced plans to host “The Kings of Rap”, a reality hip hop competition that searches for rappers with positive messages. This begs many questions. How do you differentiate between a positive and negative message? Do neutral messages count? Would “Peter Piper” have been eligible?

DMC explains: “The spirit of hip hop was always about changing the world or yourself, not with a gun or with denigrating or offensive words, but by being effective with your mind.”

I can dig that. But does that mean all hip hop that is devoid of naughty words and gun talk is positive? And that rap with bad words is automatically negative?

Stay tuned…we’ll have all the answers.

Posted by Mike Denslow at Mar 03, 2009 08:31 PM