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Beats Per Millennium - EPMD supposedly will release new album in time for Christmas

EPMD supposedly will release new album in time for Christmas

Remember when we first launched our site and we had that nifty little release calendar along the left side of the screen? And remember how we had EPMD listed as one of the releases that first week? Well, EPMD didn’t release an album that week, nor have they any week since, and this was probably the very first clue that an album release calendar was probably going to be a waste of time.

But Hark! A new release date for EPMD’s We Mean Business! Erick Sermon has told that the group’s first album in nine years will FINALLY be released on December 9. And he has some very strong feelings about the finished product:

“The CD is fuckin’ crazy. The shit is bangin’. I ain’t gonna lie to you. It’s real hip hop shit for real hip hop heads. If you a hip hop head, it’s hard to hate the CD. You’re gonna be excited, trust me.”

So there you have it. EVERYTHING you need to know about the new EPMD can be summed up in a paragraph of reiterations about how good the album is. And everyone is going to like it. Unless of course you are into pretend hip hop, in which case you are shit out of luck.

But wait! It turns out there are some ACTUAL details about the album. The first single is called “Run It” and features KRS-One. Other guests on the album include Redman, Havoc, Raekwon, and 9th Wonder.

Posted by Mike Denslow at Oct 23, 2008 10:26 PM