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Beats Per Millennium - Jim Jones: Pray IV Reign

Jim Jones: Pray IV Reign

Jim Jones landed his fourth album, Pray IV Reign, in stores last Tuesday. I’m not quite sure what to think of it let alone say about it. Although Jim Jones may be business savvy, his rapping skills are slightly undeveloped. But lets face it, Pray IV Reign portrays some of the best flows he’s had yet.

Jones begins the album with a five-minute intro… doesn’t that seem a little long for an introduction to an album? Normally intros are no longer than two minutes tops, but not Jim Jones’ – he has to exceed fans’ tolerance! By beginning his album with a hippie beat and comfortable flow, Jones lets his audience know that this time he means business.

One credible feature that applies to each and every track on the album is the compelling bass that booms through the speakers and right over the semi-worthy lyrics. “How To Be A Boss” featuring Ludacris and NOE might be one of the sickest songs to listen to; it’s a shame that Luda and NOE killed the song much more than Jim Jones did. “Na Na Nana Na Na” also has a pretty nice beat to it, although I don’t see this hook becoming a hit.

“Pulling Me Back” is Jones rapping a story about his life and rising to success while “niggas keep tryin’ to pull me back.” I applaud him for this one – it has a catchy hook and he raps hard ‘till the end. It’s especially touching with the life/death beeps that sound from a hospital heart monitor.

After about the first six tracks, the album takes a turn from the hard ghetto mentality to a snazzy mood that ladies would fancy to listen to.

The seventh track, “Precious,” features Ryan Leslie and is a smooth winner. Their slick statements like “tell Cupid that I’ve seen my target / pretty face and the body like a Greek goddess” are the ones only players know to spit, especially over dazzling beats like this one. And Ryan Leslie’s soft and sexy voice in the hook?… Oh my my my.

“Blow The Bank” featuring Oshy is a booty-popper. Total club madness. Enough said.

“This Is For My Bitches,” again featuring Oshy, is spritzing with hotness as Jim Jones actually kills the beat with his suave lyrics. Well done, Jones. It’s probably my favorite song out of the album, although we all know “Pop Champagne” is the real hit right now. “Pop Champagne,” another club hit that includes Ron Browz and Juelz Santana, is one of those head-boppers that will probably be played at every prom event from this year on.

All in all, not a great album, but good for Jim Jones. He really stepped it up a notch with his raps this time around and created a higher level of achievement that he must cross if he decides to make a fifth album. Good luck.

Mika Tatich

Posted by Mike Denslow at Mar 30, 2009 04:11 PM