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Beats Per Millennium - K-Fed's rap career to get jump start from Bone Thugs

K-Fed's rap career to get jump start from Bone Thugs

I know, I know. Kevin Federline is completely irrelevant to anything that happens anywhere. But Bone Thugs on the other hand…well, they are pretty irrelevant too.

So I’m not exactly sure what to think about the reports that Bone Thus-N-Harmony are working to help K-Fed launch his rap career. It seems like if they had the power to do such things they would just rejuvenate their own career. But if they want to live vicariously through some redneck douchebag, well, I guess that is their choice.

Check out what Krayzie Bone had to say:

“We will listen to his music and if it’s jumpin’ off…if we can do business…Bone is all about doin’ business. We feel like we can work with anybody and have a platinum hit.”

Yeah…you read that last sentence correctly.

Posted by Mike Denslow at Feb 07, 2009 11:47 PM