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Beats Per Millennium - Kanye retreats into his shell, India, studio

Kanye retreats into his shell, India, studio

So Kanye fucks up one time – one time – and he decides to head out to India to better himself. What happened to that internship at the Gap? He still doing that? Can we get access to Kanye’s day calendar?

Looks like the dude is going low-profile for a while. He cancelled his tour, as I’m sure you’ve heard. He’s working on lyrics that he describes as “awes-mazing” for his new record, which he says will be a return to him rapping – G.O.O.D. artist and probable albino Mr. Hudson says: “He might make an old-school record on a tape deck, like the Beastie Boys used to do. Just a drum machine, ghetto blaster and a microphone.” Which would certainly be a departure! But really – isn’t everything Kanye does a departure? I’m guessing post-808s Kanye will look a little like his guest spot on Run This Town.

Also, he’s working on some shit with Soulja Boy. Which should be fun! Kanye haters are a way different breed than Soulja Boy haters, so I’m excited to see how the internet handles this one.

Posted by Joe Kaiser at Nov 04, 2009 03:40 PM