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Beats Per Millennium - Kanye, Rhymefest working on a puppet show!

Kanye, Rhymefest working on a puppet show!

If you are anything like most Americans you are probably constantly curious about what Kanye West is doing RIGHT NOW. Well, if his blog is to believed, he is probably hard at work on 808s and Hearbreak, his new album due out in December. Either that or blogging. But according to The Hollywood Reporter he is spending at least some of his precious few free hours producing a new show for Comedy Central. And it’s a freakin’ puppet show!

That’s right, everyone’s favorite ego-maniacal pop star is said to have partnered up with Crank Yankers production team Jackhole, Rhymefest, and who knows who else to produce Alligator Boots, a show described as “hip hop meets the Muppets.” West and Fest are both credited as executive producers for the show’s pilot and both rappers have produced new music for the occasion.

Comedy Central is considering picking up the program for its 2009 schedule. Keep your fingers crossed.

Posted by Mike Denslow at Sep 23, 2008 02:25 PM