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Beats Per Millennium - Kanye to guest on Family Guy spin-off

Kanye to guest on Family Guy spin-off

Yes, there is going to be a “Family Guy” spin-off.

“The Cleveland Show” is scheduled to debut this fall on Fox as the network continues to let the Seth MacFarlane juggernaut do whatever the hell it wants as retribution for the most ill-conceived cancellation of all time. In the spin-off, Cleveland Brown, the show’s token black guy, picks up and moves to Virginia. So I guess maybe this is going to be kind of like an animated “Jeffersons”. And probably not very funny after two or three episodes.

ANYWAY…Kanye West will guest on an episode of the show that is scheduled to air early 2010. Of course, this is Fox, so it remains to be seen if the show survives until early 2010. If it does, the world will get to hear Kanye West as the voice of an aspiring rapper named MC Kenny West. Subtle, huh?

Apparently a relationship was formed when West invited a giggly Seth MacFarlane over to his house last year. I’m not sure what they did together but it seems like at least once a month we hear about some random celebrity that Kanye West invites over to his house. I really do like this idea of hip hop play dates and I hope it continues.

Posted by Mike Denslow at Mar 22, 2009 09:34 PM