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Beats Per Millennium - LL Cool J threatens to quit rap

LL Cool J threatens to quit rap

LL Cool J became the latest artist to flaunt a false sense of self-importance this week when he flew off the handle over the fact that pop starlet Jessica Simpson outsold him by 21,000 units. Simpson’s first country album debuted at number 4, and topped the country chart, while LL’s Exit 13 came in at number 9.

“LL is furious,” revealed a source close to Def Jam. “He was so angry at one point that he was beaten by Jess that he actually threatened to quit rap.”

Take it easy there, L. It’s not all that surprising for a forty year old rapper to sell fewer albums than a young pop star. And don’t take it all out on Jessica. After all, you were also beaten by Metallica, Young Jeezy, Kid Rock, Slipknot, The Jonas Brothers, The Game, and Lil Wayne. That’s right…Slipknot.

Apparently LL cooled down because a rep revealed that he actually has no plans to quit rap. He celebrated his sixth consecutive top ten release by opening for Janet Jackson, bringing girls on the stage, and throwing money into the crowd. Money that Janet’s pop audience no doubt used to purchase the new Jessica Simpson album.

Posted by Mike Denslow at Sep 20, 2008 12:32 AM