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Beats Per Millennium - Lupe changes his mind

Lupe changes his mind

Well, that didn’t take very long.

Lupe has “postponed indefinitely” his plans for a three-disc album and instead is planning on releasing three albums, one in June, one in December, and one next June. Some time after that, LUPE.N.D. comes out.

Spoiler alert: these albums are not coming out when he says they are.

His next album is called The Great American Rap Album, the last track of which will be entitled “The Greatest Rap Song Ever Made.” So I guess it’s all downhill from there? Unless he decides to follow it up with a rock album.

But let’s not kid ourselves: Lupe Fiasco’s next album will be entitled Lupe Fiasco’s Hip Hop Saved My Life, won’t have any singles, the only feature will be E-40 on a track called “Anarchist,” and will come out in 2012. He will headline Lollapalooza every year until then, and he will be releasing albums until he dies. He will talk a lot about things that make him sound unconventional, and he will slowly become the most conventional, establishment rapper out there. He will probably perform at Barack Obama’s second inauguration, even though he doesn’t like Barack Obama.

Posted by Joe Kaiser at Feb 02, 2009 07:39 PM