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Beats Per Millennium - New Eminem, same as the old Eminem

New Eminem, same as the old Eminem

It dawned on me today why I never took Eminem very seriously – while he had a lot of good material in his repertoire, and certainly there’s nothing quite like “Guilty Conscience” or “Stan,” he always had that one obnoxious celebrity gossip song/video as his first single. “My Name Is,” “The Real Slim Shady,” “Without Me,” “Just Lose It,” and now the newest entry in his catalogue, “We Made You.” I guess the point is to “shock” dumb white people. Is this a record label thing? I mean, seriously, Rock of Love, Amy Winehouse and Sarah Palin? Are there any blander targets? Is that what you’ve been doing the last five years, Eminem? Watching really terrible TV?

And you know that porno Sarah Palin is out of work, anyhow.

Watch it at Videogum.

Posted by Joe Kaiser at Apr 07, 2009 01:38 PM