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Beats Per Millennium - Obama calls Kanye a "jackass"

Obama calls Kanye a "jackass"

OK, everyone, it’s time to talk about journalistic responsibility.

ABC’s Terry Moran, while watching an interview with President Obama, immediately twittered Obama’s comment that Kanye was a jackass – and then immediately deleted it when he learned it was supposed to be off the record.

Really, Terry Moran? When the leader of the free world says something undiplomatic and crass during a private interview about one of the world’s leading entertainers, you just immediately throw it onto Twitter?

I’ve got the same problems with Twitter that any other critical thinker does, but I think this illustrates one of the biggest ones – a compulsive need to twitter whenever anything happens. That the news media feels the need to be “hip” and “in,” jumping on the latest banal technologies in a desperate attempt to grab the attention of young people is kind of weak as it is, but when it starts to get in the way of actual news reporting (like, say, when a news outlet damages their relationship with the fucking White House because Terry Moran needed to tweet) it starts to get sickening. I would hope this is the beginning of the end of oversharing, but I know it’s not. Technology has been moving so fast in the last two decades that no one has time to figure out how to use technology gracefully anymore, they just want to stay cutting edge and hop from clumsy implementation to clumsy implementation. Remember when every other news organization was opening up bureaus in Second Life? Today I saw CNN’s breaking news alert on the death of Patrick Swayze, and next to it was a link that let you sign up for email alerts of breaking news. And shit, email is so spent that you might as well ask me if I want them to call my pager every time the stock market dips.

But no, because Terry fucking Moran couldn’t keep his hands off his Blackberry, there’s a “rift,” if you can call it that, between Barack Obama and Kanye West. Kanye, of course, redeemed himself, at least in my eyes, on Leno tonight, when he explained that he had just intended it to be another stunt like every other one he does, presumably to build buzz for his upcoming tour, to get people talking again, just because he’s Kanye West and that’s what he does, and then he gave the mic back to Taylor Swift and realized he had fucked up bad. And we all suffer from “it seemed like such a good idea at the time” and the interview was emotional enough that I’m sure he was sincere. I still think Kanye is pretty great, even if he did make a fuckup. I mean, I’ll still be at his show in November. Or whenever.

Kanye atones:

Posted by Joe Kaiser at Sep 15, 2009 02:21 AM