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Beats Per Millennium - PHEW! We FINALLY know who Eminem is voting for!

PHEW! We FINALLY know who Eminem is voting for!

Somewhere between writing new music and publishing his Eminemoir, Marshall Mathers has found the time to research the presidential candidates and make an informed endorsement.

Guess who!

That’s right folks. In an interview on BBC Radio 1 the Detroit rapper became the most notable supporter of Barack Obama yet! I mean, hell, Rush Limbaugh could have told you that Colin Powell would endorse the Black guy. But, I mean, Eminem is WHITE! I could have sworn he would have endorsed McCain!

“I’ll vote for Barack,” said Shady. “I can’t get too political because I don’t know enough.”

Fire away, Rush.

“I mean, I know we are going into a recession,” continued Eminem, who obviously has been listening to Young Jeezy. “Pardon the cliche but we need something to change. I think Barack would be a breath of fresh air, to get in there and actually get what’s left of the Bush administration out the door.”

So there you have it. The guy who wrote “97 Bonnie and Clyde” is just looking for a breath of fresh air.

Posted by Mike Denslow at Oct 21, 2008 10:39 AM