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Beats Per Millennium - Potluck: Pipe Dreams

Potluck: Pipe Dreams

Is it surprising that a rap group that originates out of Humboldt County, California speaks primarily about weed? Uh, no. Potluck, a rap duo including men who go by the names of Underrated and 1 Ton, can’t seem to get over the idea of cannabis as one of the –if not the most – important obsession of their lives. And hey, if that’s their thing then by all means continue on, but are fans satisfied?

In their newest , Pipe Dreams, Potluck maintained their under-the-radar status in the hip-hop scene, but people who know their music recognize them when they hear a song. Their reggae/rap beats keep the rather unintelligent lyrics composed as they trickle off the tongues of Underrated and 1 Ton. No, I don’t think the lyrics are smart enough to actually make Potluck big rappers, but I can see why some like them.

If you are a pot smoker who enjoys catchy hooks and raps while lightin’ up a fat blunt, then you’ll enjoy “Stoner Bitch,” “Hot Box Anthem,” “Smoke The Pain Away,” and the even more hardcore track “I Say Yes To Drugs.” Each of these songs talks about smoking weed in the finest terms with a bit of a twist. “Stoner Bitch” is Underrated rapping about needing a girl who loves to roll with him. “Smoke The Pain Away” is a little more caressed, talking about his life slowly swirling down the drain. And all he has left by his side is his bag of weed that is about to be consumed.

Now I know I said most of these songs are based on cannabis, but there are a few other themes circulating throughout the album. “No Disrespect” is probably my favorite song on Pipe Dreams because of the tropical sound and the fact that Potluck raps about people being the same in that everyone should be respected. “I Can Do Anything” is the track right after “No Disrespect,” bringing yet another half-good moral. Take out the car stealing ideas and rolling the best blunts and you have two men giving an optimistic outlook on life: “I can do anything that I put my mind to” and “I can make mistakes and I can learn from that and try to get betta.” I think it’s a good look for them!

Oh and let’s not forget the skits that appear every five tracks or so. These guys think they’re comedians…ha! This may be the feminist side of me coming out, but I don’t find any part of “every woman is a whore until she becomes your girl / then it’s all good” funny; it’s just immature. Grow up “Joe Brown” before you make another skit. “Classroom (Skit)” isn’t any funnier either. A man walks into a classroom to discuss saying no to drugs, but all of the kids whisper, “I say yes.” This is the prelude to “I Say Yes To Drugs” … surprised?

“My Dad” is another favorite on the album. It’s a tribute Underrated and 1 Ton both rap about their fathers, alluding to pastimes when their fathers taught them life lessons. It really is a touching song.

I’m not sure if I would recommend Potluck’s Pipe Dreams to anyone. It’s nothing too special, and the songs that are worth listening to can be picked out on iTunes. I wouldn’t waste the full $13.99.

Mika Tatich

Posted by Mike Denslow at Apr 18, 2009 12:12 AM