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Beats Per Millennium - Rap fan fined after refusing ridiculous punishment

Rap fan fined after refusing ridiculous punishment

24-year-old Andrew Vactor is a lot like many young people these days. He likes that hippity hop noise and he likes it loud. As it turns out, he likes it a little too loud.

Urbana, OH doesn’t have much patience for people who like loud music and such. That’s why Vactor was handed a $150 fine last July. But Champaign County Municipal Court Judge Susan Fornoff-Lippencott (now there’s a mouthful) was kind enough to offer Vactor a chance to reduce his fine to $35. All he had to do was spend 20 hours listening to classical music.

Vactor refused. He had basketball practice.

The judge says that the classical music thing is all about letting Vactor know how it feels to be forced to listen to music he doesn’t enjoy. This is, of course, asinine. If I were to cruise around Urbana listening to classical music at high volumes would the judge require me to listen to twenty hours of rap? It’s tempting to give it a shot, though I’m sure that would never happen because, let’s face it, this is really just an anti-rap issue.

On the other hand, Vactor doesn’t necessarily get any smartie points here either. It’s 20 freakin’ hours…listen to a little Mozart and suck it up. You must have homework or something you can do while it’s playing. For goodness sake, kid. You’re 24.

Posted by Mike Denslow at Oct 10, 2008 01:41 AM