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Beats Per Millennium - Roots to serve as Fallon's house band?!?!

Roots to serve as Fallon's house band?!?!

The Roots’ profile has grown steadily over the years and it looks like it may continue to do so. is reporting that the Philadelphia hip hop group will serve as the live band on NBC’s “Late Night” when Jimmy Fallon takes over as the host in March.

Well, it’s not Conan…but congrats anyway guys!

Of course…the announcement comes with a little bad news too. Now that they have to work regular hours (like a buncha suckers!) they will obviously have to cut back on the touring. And by cut back I mean “temporarily retire.” (You’ve heard of “temporary retirement, I’m sure. It’s what most rappers mean when they say “retire.”) This is bad news for people who live in places like Chicago and Philadelphia who have grown accustomed to seeing The Roots about nine times a year. And it’s really bad news for people who live in places like Dumpfuck,OK that rather enjoyed having one live concert a year.

But hey…life goes on! Maybe these guys will be the new best live hip hop act in the world. JUST KIDDING!

Then again, The Roots couldn’t be reached to speak on the story so it is possible that is wrong about this. I’ve got my fingers crossed. No ill will to the Legendary Roots Crew…but it would be SO FREAKING FUNNY if was wrong.

Posted by Mike Denslow at Nov 15, 2008 12:08 AM