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Beats Per Millennium - Rosa Clemente talks hip hop

Rosa Clemente talks hip hop

Let’s take a break from round-the-clock Obama love and take a look at what Green Party vice-presidential candidate Rosa Clemente had to say about hip hop in an interview with Dissident Voice:

“I think that hip-hop was created in the poorest congressional district in America, the south Bronx, where I was born and grew up. These were young people who had nothing and have created not only a multi-billion dollar industry but have created an international way that we can all speak to each other. I think the fact that we have that and that hip-hop can be found in Palestine, in Ghana, in Venezuela in Cuba, in Brooklyn and American Indian reservations, speaks to the power of it, it also makes me understand why we are always being attacked and why they are always attacking the hip-hop community and not differentiate in between (individual) rappers and the entire culture. 35 years ago every person who hated hip-hop was talking about how hip-hop would never last, hip-hop is going to die and asking, ‘what is that music about?’ saying hip-hop is never going to be in a museum, it’s never going to be in a book, there’s going to be no hip-hop professors. Look at us now. The Smithsonian has a whole (hip hop) exhibit. Over 200 books on hip-hop being written. We have White people talking about racial injustice within hip-hop.

“We have hip-hoppers being one of the only few people of color on the ground during Hurricane Katrina reporting the truth. So they said hip-hop was going to die in 1978 and it’s 2008.”

Very well put.

Posted by Mike Denslow at Sep 20, 2008 12:59 AM