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Beats Per Millennium - Song of the Day: Q-Tip "Renaissance Rap"

Song of the Day: Q-Tip "Renaissance Rap"

Up until this week I sort of assumed that this song was just the second half of “Move” since, you know, that’s the way the track listing goes. Apparently it’s called “Renaissance Rap” and it is enough of a separate song to have its own video. As the last guy to post on YouTube said:

“yo he sound like RAKIM on this shit hip hop can never die NEVER EVER NEVER EVER GET ON MY LEVEL HOE IF YOU DON’T KNOW!”

For what it’s worth, he does kind of sound like Rakim on this track. Other than that I’m not really sure what that guy was trying to say. But I love how Tip’s rhymes flow over the beat that I assume is by Dilla. Great song from a great album.

Posted by Mike Denslow at Nov 22, 2008 12:24 AM