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Beats Per Millennium - Song of the Day: Young Jeezy (feat. Nas) "My President"

Song of the Day: Young Jeezy (feat. Nas) "My President"

Young Jeezy is not a politician. He doesn’t set out to enlighten his audience on the issues surrounding the election. He is simply celebrating a moment in time.

“My president’s black / My Lambo’s blue”

On first listen, the color of Jeezy’s car is hilariously irrelevant. And I’m sure there are plenty of enlightened minds that will discredit the song because of it. But once again, this isn’t a song about politics. It is a song of celebration. It encompasses the joy of a Black man born into poverty who, just forty years after the Civil Rights movement, is driving a blue Lamborghini and voting for another Black man to be the leader of the free world. Set against a HUGE beat from Tha Bizness, it is hard not to smile at the joy in Jeezy’s voice as he crushes beefs, respects fallen friends, and basks in the glory of this historic moment:

Tell Him I’m Doin’ Fine/ Obama For Mankind
We Ready For Damn Change/ So Ya’ll Let The Man Shine
Stuntin’ On Martin Luther/ Feelin’ Just Like A King
Guess This Is What He Meant/ When He Said That He Had A Dream

American racism is not going to dissipate with a Black president (and it certainly won’t go away because a handful of rappers are driving Lambo’s.) In fact, Obama’s pending victory (there, I said it) is bringing to light the ugly racist underbelly that Americans have learned to hide. There will be plenty of trials ahead. But tonight is a celebration of the progress our nation has made in a relatively short time.

Posted by Mike Denslow at Nov 04, 2008 01:31 PM