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Beats Per Millennium - Soulja Boy says more things to rile up hip hop snobs

Soulja Boy says more things to rile up hip hop snobs


Atlanta sort-of rapper Soulja Boy just keeps on saying things to piss off people who take him far too seriously. Having just recently caused a stir by giving a tongue-in-cheek shout out to the slave owners (yes…the real slave owners…the ones who invented battle rap), Soulja Boy has now done the absolute unthinkable. He’s taken a shot at Nas.

“Real talk, the nigga that killed hip hop was Nas,” said Soulja Boy. “He came out publicly and said, ‘Hip hop is dead,’ and then after that everybody started saying hip hop is dead. ‘Cause think about it, if Nas would have never said hip hop is dead, then motherfuckers would have never thought anything about it.”

Never mind the fact that Soulja Boy is giving Nas FAR too much credit (just as his supposedly deep thoughts on race relations on Untitled weren’t all that original, neither was his ridiculous declaration on the state of hip hop.) Never mind the fact that the above paragraph is one of the goofiest accusations ever made. For the moment, let’s just sit back and appreciate the genius of a guy who should, for all intents and purposes, have been forgotten already, but sticks around because he knows just what to say to piss off all the right people.

Here’s what one “real” hip hop fan had to say on the matter over at

“Nas only said what everyone already knew. Hip hop is dead! This b.s. that most of the dudes do now is Homo Hop! You got dudes kissin’ dudes, people snitchin’, and saying that you can learn alot from pillow bi**ers. I mean come on. Hip hop died back in like 2003. Soulja Boy just upset because he can’t sell. It wasn’t Nas that made it that way, It was his wack ass muzik. Fans actually want substance in their music again. Soulja boy is a hypocrite too he’s mad that Charles Hamilton used his name so he shouldn’t be using Nas’ name as a scapegoat. Someone needs to calm shorty down before he getz ETHERED!!!”

YES! Let’s immortalize a one-hit-wonder pop rapper by writing a hard hitting (but embarrassingly homophobic) dis track about him! Because fans want SUBSTANCE!

Man…I’m so happy that there are guys like Soulja Boy out there to keep things interesting when legendary artists like Nas and Common are stuck in a rut of decidedly disappointing material.

Posted by Mike Denslow at Dec 30, 2008 03:00 PM