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Beats Per Millennium - Suge Knight sues Kanye West

Suge Knight sues Kanye West

Remember three years ago when Suge Knight got shot? Well now the Death Row co-founder is suing Kanye West…you see, since he was at a party thrown by Mr. West, it was OBVIOUSLY Kanye’s fault he got shot.

And oh yeah…he had a diamond earring stolen that night too. Just a bad night all-around for poor Suge.

Suge Knight claims that his wound and his stolen earring are the result of Kanye West throwing a party where an unidentified gunman was allowed to make it past security.

So there you have it. Kanye West, knowing that Suge Knight would be in attendance, should have made sure his party was inaccessible to anyone who wanted to hurt Suge Knight. Well you know what…I say that’s what Suge gets for hanging around with violent types like Kanye West.

Also…does anyone really give a damn about Suge Knight anymore? Would this be news if Kanye wasn’t involved?

Posted by Mike Denslow at Nov 12, 2008 12:35 PM