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Beats Per Millennium - Surprise (Again)! Rage's RNC show ends in a riot

Surprise (Again)! Rage's RNC show ends in a riot

One day after their surprise outdoor performance at a festival protesting the Republican National Convention was shut down, Rage Against the Machine put on their scheduled full concert at the Target Center in Minneapolis. In one of the most predictable moments in the history of music the show ended in a riot and the arrests of 102 concert goers.

The mess began at about 10:30 PM (around the time some of today’s brightest country stars were revealing their song “Raising McCain” to those party animals at the RNC) when a handful of Rage fans left the Target Center and began marching toward the convention site, being generally unruly, and presumably walking on senior citizens’ grass. Reports vary on the details of what happened along the way with some claiming that beanbags or pellets were fired into the crowd (it’s a great nation that fires beanbags at its protesters), but what is clear is that at one point, after many others had dispersed, police surrounded those remaining and booked them.

Rage Against the Machine, meanwhile, have another story for their repertoire.

Posted by Mike Denslow at Sep 04, 2008 10:18 AM