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Beats Per Millennium - The-Dream - Love vs. Money

The-Dream - Love vs. Money

Question – would you rather have true love or one million dollars? Which is more valuable to you? I’m sure this isn’t the first time you’ve had to think about this question. Maybe there isn’t even anything to debate for you; hands down, you would choose one over the other. Personally, I would take true love, but nobody cares about my opinion.

Terius Nash, better known as The-Dream, seems to have no struggles choosing between love and money. He finally released his sophomore R&B album, Love vs. Money after keeping fans anxiously hanging on a thread from his first album, Lovehate. It should have been challenging for this Atlanta-based singer-songwriter and producer to create an album that would top his first, but he did it. And he did it very well.

Love vs. Money is swift, sexy and artistic as its key notions are based solely on sex, sex in love and sex in the club. The-Dream creates sexual fantasy songs with a hint of sensuality bursting at the core. There is no way you can listen to “My Love” featuring Mariah Carey without swaying your hips from side to side. The track alone is sweet and caressing, but the silky notes from Mariah Carey mixed with Dream’s romantic lyrics make it that much more enticing.

Most of The-Dream’s beats are classic untouchables, much like his smashing hit single “Rockin That Sh**.” Lil’ Jon makes an appearance on the track “Let Me See The Booty,” merging his vigorous drop beats and notorious “Yyyeah!” and “Okayy!” with Dream’s pleasant R&B voice and technique.

And then there are the baby-makers, like “Put It Down” and the comical “Sweat It Out” that begins with The-Dream telling his girl to “Call up Tisha, your beautician/ ‘Cause your hair is gon’ need fixin.’” Although it takes on humor in the beginning, the song is nothing but an engaging “sexy time.”

Next we turn to The-Dream rhyming on “Kelly’s 12 Play,” which is about an R. Kelly CD that will aid in his night full of sexual activity. He and his girl mimic “steps 1-12” continuously as Dream claims to be “stuntin’ like my daddy.” … Who wants to stunt like R. Kelly? Are we sure that R. Kelly didn’t write the lyrics to that song while he was allegedly having intercourse with a minor? I don’t know if we will ever know the truth behind that case, but the thought of people looking up to R. Kelly as a sex god, if you will, is downright disturbing.

Sure enough, people will start to pour into music stores or iTunes to track down Love vs. Money. It’s a contemporary R&B album that will climb up the charts in no time. Oh, and to give you the answer on whether The-Dream took love or the money, well, listen to the album yourself. He might even be walking away with both seeing as he is the producer of multiple hit songs on the radio now. This “radio killa…R&B gorilla” has proven that he is much deserving of fame and admiration.

Posted by Mike Denslow at Mar 15, 2009 08:50 PM



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