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Beats Per Millennium - T.I. to be sentenced Friday

T.I. to be sentenced Friday

I know, I know. You thought T.I.‘s future was already set in stone. He completed his 1000 hours of community service, next comes the one year and one day in the pen, then the fabulous comeback. Right? Well, turns out it isn’t quite that simple.

As it turns out, the court still gets a say in the rapper’s future. On Friday they will convene to go over his hours and weigh the “good vs. bad” thing that T.I. is always talking about. After sentencing, T.I. will most likely have 30-60 days to report to jail. And it is still expected he will be in there about a year.

Stay tuned for updates.

Posted by Mike Denslow at Mar 26, 2009 08:41 AM