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Beats Per Millennium - UPDATE: T.I. to get the "Weird Al" treatment

UPDATE: T.I. to get the "Weird Al" treatment

In a blog post “Weird Al” Yankovic announced that next week he will be releasing a brand new single on iTunes. What does this have to do with me, you ask? Well, Al continues:

“I’m only supposed to “tease” this release right now – I’ll post more info about it in a couple days. But I will say that it’s a parody of a song that very recently was (or perhaps still is) the number one song in the country. That would be another first for me – I don’t think I’ve ever released a parody of a song while the original song was still number one!”

Very recently the number one song in the country? That wouldn’t happen to be the record breaking T.I. song, “Whatever You Like,” would it?

Fess up, you liked White and Nerdy. If you’re checking iTunes Tuesday morning and the only thing out there is a Katy Perry parody that has something to do with hit TV show “My Name is Earl” or something… I’m sorry. But what better way to send the King of the South to jail in style than to immortalize him in parody?


It is T.I.! Al explains…

“Okay, okay, I guess I can now officially spill the proverbial beans.

My new single – which is being released on iTunes tomorrow (Tuesday, October 7) – is a parody of T.I.‘s smash hit “Whatever You Like.” The T.I. song has been number 1 on the Billboard Hot 100 chart for 5 weeks now – and this will in fact mark the first time in my career that I’ve been able to release a parody while the original song was still number 1.

The name of the parody, of course, is “I Kissed A Squirrel.”

Just kidding.

Actually, the name of my song is ALSO “Whatever You Like.” For you history buffs, I believe this is the first time that my parody has had the exact same name as the song I was parodying. Just so you know, I’m only doing this as part of my on-going effort to confuse as many people as I possibly can. But I promise you, even though my song title is the same as T.I.‘s, I DID change the lyrics. Somewhat.

Big thanks go out to T.I and his manager for their support – not only was he nice enough to give me his permission and blessing for this parody, but he responded so quickly that I was able to make everything happen insanely fast. In less than a two week period – seriously – I was able to come up with an idea for the song, get legal permission for the song, write the song, record the song, mix the song, master the song, upload the song to my label and deliver the song to iTunes. Talk about instant gratification!

One of the other cool things about putting out music this way is, there’s not really enough time for Internet leaks to happen. I try to maintain a certain amount of secrecy around my projects for obvious reasons… and this time, as far as I can tell, the only person leaking information to the Internet has been ME!

I won’t say any more about the song at this point – you’ll all hear it soon enough. Hope you like it!


Posted by Joe Kaiser at Oct 07, 2008 12:46 PM