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Beats Per Millennium - ?uestlove: "Dog we are soooo alive right now"

?uestlove: "Dog we are soooo alive right now"

Sorry. The above statement is in no way related to the Roots touring career (maybe.) Instead it is related to their actual lives, which seemed to be seriously in jeopardy last night.

The Roots were on their way to Paris last night when they were involved in a spectacular bus crash. According to ?uestlove’s blog, the group’s double decker bus did a 360 on the highway and ended up on top of another van. He credits everyone’s survival as a “frigging miracle” and “divine intervention.”

As you may imagine, the Roots gig opening for Kanye tonight (dude, sweet) has been canceled (bummer.) But with no further cancellations it looks like everything is just swell for the crew.

Posted by Mike Denslow at Nov 20, 2008 01:57 PM