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Beats Per Millennium - Utter silliness ensues at Notorious screenings

Utter silliness ensues at Notorious screenings

Notorious, the new big screen biopic telling the story of a talented artist whose life was cut tragically short by escalated misunderstandings and pointless regional squabbling, debuted at number 4 at the box offices last weekend. The modest critical and commercial success of the film, however, was marred by at least two incidents that hinted not much has been learned from the early demise of two of rap’s brightest stars.

The Grand 18 Four Seasons Station cinemas in Greensboro, N.C. was evacuated by police Friday night after a shooting in a hallway of the theater. 32-year-old Clive O’Connor was taken to the hospital after being shot twice in the stomach. The dispute apparently stemmed from (sigh) an argument over the film. Coincidentally(?), Jamal Woolard, the actor/rapper who portrayed Biggie in the film, was in the theater at the time. Woolard’s previous claim to fame was being shot outside Hot 97’s studios in New York, and subsequently banned from the station’s airwaves. The film is no longer being shown at the theater.

Meanwhile, at a release party for the film at Brooklyn’s Djumbala club, a fight broke out and four people were stabbed early Saturday morning. The party was billed as the screening’s official after-party. Fox Searchlight is denying that any of the involved parties were associated with the film.

We at BPM like having fun with our news stories, and jokes on a reawakened East Coast – West Coast feud really do write themselves, but this situations is just too disgusting to be laughed at right now. Aside from the senselessness of it all, incidents like this simply fuel the fire of hip hop’s critics. The last half of 2008 was marked by a number of violent clashes during hip hop nights at clubs around the country; many of these, and other clubs, canceled all rap acts due to the violence. It’s infuriating that a small group of trouble starters are playing into the stereotypes that surround the genre and it is even more infuriating that these incidents get the media attention that is not present when hip hop culture is working for the good of the community.

Notorious is currently showing in theaters everywhere. BPM will have a review of the film tomorrow.

Posted by Mike Denslow at Jan 19, 2009 08:05 PM