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Beats Per Millennium - VH1's 100 Greatest Hip Hop Songs: 60-41

VH1's 100 Greatest Hip Hop Songs: 60-41

The list continues…

“I Need Love
LL Cool J
I don’t have many touching memories about this song but all the girls interviewed by VH1 apparently do. And they are talking about how the song opened the door to it being okay not to be hard and gangsta. That’s sort of an odd thing to say about a song that came out in 1987.

“Shimmy Shimmy Ya”
Ol’ Dirty Bastard
I would assume that I have heard this song performed live more than any other rap song. And I never saw ODB. But every Wu-Tang show, every Wu-Tang solo show, every Cool Kids show, every Roots show, and probably a lot more, have to include a tribute to ODB. And apparently this is the only ODB song worth covering.

“What’s Your Fantasy”
Ludacris (feat. Shawna)
Too high. Too high.

“I Get The Job Done”
Big Daddy Kane
Cypress Hill just called Kane the Jay-Z of the 80s. That seems fair.

“Woo Hahh!! (Got You All In Check)”
Busta Rhymes
This was back when Busta was lots of fun and allowed to go to England. Now he’s just kind of fun and not allowed to go to England.

“Lean Back”
Terror Squad
Yeah, VH1 loves these club bangers. Fat Joe made a crack about the pastor at church leaning back during his sermon.

“Cha Cha Cha”
MC Lyte
I don’t think it is necessarily fair that whenever a dope female rapper comes along people refer to her as a “dope female rapper.” Why can’t she just be a dope rapper? Why do we have to specify that she is a female? That said, she is probably the best female MC of all time.

“Money, Power, and Respect”
The Lox (feat. Lil Kim and DMX)
I like it when rappers (or anyone) talk about Yonkers. It’s a funny word. Yonkers.

“I’ll Be”
Foxy Brown (feat. Jay-Z)
I liked it when Foxy and Lil Kim were on top. There just don’t seem to be any female rappers worth paying attention to right now.

“The Show”
Doug E. Fresh and the Get Fresh Crew
Big Daddy Kane called it possibly the greatest hip hop song ever made. Doug E. Fresh runs a chicken and waffle restaurant! Yeah! Chicken AND waffles!

“Tha Block is Hot”
Lil Wayne
Weezy has gotten far better since this song came out. Toure sounds so joyous when he talks about him. So does The Game. He just said he doesn’t mind being number 2 to Lil Wayne. Boy do I have some bad news for him.

“My Philosophy”
Boogie Down Productions
Just shut up and listen to KRS.

“One Love”
it’s really hard to pick one song off Illmatic, quite possibly the best rap album of all time, but this isn’t a bad choice. I may have opted for NY State of Mind.

“Bust a Move”
Young MC
So Young MC was an economics major at USC before he released this. That’s kind of cool. Haha…Rob Sheffield just said, “This was the kind of song your mom heard and said, ‘Hey this rap stuff isn’t half bad!’” And, surprise! Young MC lost a lot of weight on a TV show!

“Me, Myself, and I”
De La Soul
Love that hippie rap. And that’s no Plug Bull. I am a full blown advocate for a return of the D.A.I.S.Y. Age. Can’t wait to watch them on Hip Hop Honors. And it’s nice to hear VH1’s panel of experts talking about how great De La’s live show is. Seriously, if you haven’t seen them, make it a point.

“Mind Playing Tricks on Me”
Geto Boys
Man, this group is so bad ass. NWA and Ice-T may have gotten the press but I personally always thought Geto Boys lyrics were way harder. And Bushwick Bill is a Christian now!

“I’ll Be There For You”
Method Man (feat. Mary J. Blige)
I love this version of the song but I think I prefer the version that appears on Tical. Also, two songs ago I was talking about how wild De La’s live show is, but Method Man is probably one of the few rappers that can top their energy.

“Hate It Or Love It”
The Game (feat. 50 Cent)
Unlike many, I really like The Game. I don’t really like 50. But I think they work on this song. Damn, I’m so tired of hearing about the legal troubles of all these artists.

“Roxanne’s Revenge”
Roxanne Shante
Wow, that’s great that they included this. She’s a psychologist now and she owns a chain of…get this…hip hop ice cream parlors! Man, New York just seems like a magical place.

“That’s The Joint”
Funky 4+1
This is just a given. First rap group to appear on Saturday Night Live and they never even released an LP. And they are all doing really cool stuff today like working for the legal rights of rappers and leading hip hop history tours for children.

Posted by Mike Denslow at Oct 01, 2008 10:54 PM