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Beats Per Millennium - Welcome to Beats Per Millennium

Welcome to Beats Per Millennium

In 1988 David Mays and Jon Shecter, two students at Harvard University, began distributing a rap newsletter from their dorm room. It did not take long for The Source to become the most respected and influential hip hop publications in the world.

I’m not leading with this because I think that Beats Per Millennium will be comparable to The Source. I am merely pointing out the important role media plays in promoting a genre and the culture surrounding it. In the late 80s, with hip hop in its golden age, a publication emerged to serve the growing numbers of people enthralled by the music, the culture, and the movement.

Twenty years have passed. Hip hop has seen changes and so has the media. But for a world class genre I find hip hop’s Internet presence appalling. I spend a lot of time defending rap music to people who believe it to be little more than an outlet for thugs. And when I see the majority of the hip hop sites on the Internet I have a difficult time defending the genre against their criticism.

On the other hand, there are a number of sites that take it upon themselves to promote “real” hip hop. These sites should be commended for knowing their history, but they are often closed minded when it comes to looking towards the future.

With Beats Per Millennium we hope to bridge the gap. We want to cover commercial rappers in a more intelligent, thoughtful manner than most mainstream sites. And we want to respect and praise the underground without falling prey to the common snobbishness that overtakes many independent hip hop sites.

But above all we want to have a good time. We know that, at its core, hip hop is party music and we respect it as such. Our approach to the genre will be heavy minded but light hearted.

We are only three writers strong right now but we hope to expand quickly and cover the genre comprehensively. We sincerely hope that you stick around and enjoy the ride with us.

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