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Beats Per Millennium - News




11/12/09: Gucci Mane pullin' an anti-T.I., gets a year in jail anyhow
11/04/09: Want to be in the new 50 Cent movie?
11/04/09: Kanye retreats into his shell, India, studio
11/04/09: Lil Wayne pullin' a T.I.
11/04/09: Beanie Sigel beefing with Jay-Z


09/15/09: Obama calls Kanye a "jackass"
09/13/09: Kanye you drunk retard
09/03/09: 9th Wonder to release 10 albums in 2010


08/31/09: Jay-Z's Rhapsody commercial
08/20/09: Check out the Blueprint 3 tracklist
08/11/09: Song of the Day: Soulja Boy, "Where You Get Them At?"
08/04/09: Jay, Rae reveal ridonkulous album art
08/01/09: RIP Baatin
08/01/09: T.I.: the video game
08/01/09: Song of the Day: Raekwon (featuring Ghostface Killah, Method Man, and Inspectah Deck), "House of Flying Daggers"


07/31/09: Kanye responds to satirical story that some people thought was real
07/31/09: Eminem eminems Mariah Carey, Nick Cannon
07/30/09: Cool Kids and Clipse tour together
07/30/09: Big Boi signs to Def Jam
07/29/09: Song of the Day: Rakim "Holy Are You"
07/29/09: Hip Hop Congress kicks off today in Seattle
07/29/09: Brother Ali readies new album, tours all over the place
07/28/09: Song of the Day: The Roots "How I Got Over"
07/28/09: Snoop to guest on new Anita Baker album
07/28/09: Where is Ja? Not in Australia
07/26/09: Jay-Z headlines All Points West
07/24/09: Song of the Summer: Jay-Z (ft. Rihanna and Kanye West), "Run This Town"
07/22/09: Kid Rock lands T.I., Weezy for new album
07/20/09: MCA has cancer
07/14/09: New Rakim album to hit stores soon
07/14/09: Ghostface tours with Meth and Red
07/11/09: Song of the Day: Wale/Young Chris/Rhymefest "Nothing to Worry About"
07/08/09: Wale's debut due in September
07/03/09: You wouldn't like Soulja Boy when he's angry
07/02/09: Lost Q-Tip album to finally be released
07/02/09: Surprise! Cuban Linx 2 pushed back!
07/01/09: VIBE is over when Quincy Jones says it is


06/30/09: Kanye's new stage all kinds of awesome
06/30/09: VIBE bites the dust
06/25/09: Hip hop's two biggest douches battle it out
06/25/09: Should we ignore Charles Hamilton?
06/25/09: Michael Jackson dead at 50
06/19/09: Someone played Usher off
06/19/09: Someone autotuned Jay-Z
06/17/09: T-Pain and Taylor Swift do a song, hip hop still cancelled.
06/16/09: Mos Def's new album turned into a t-shirt!
06/16/09: Kanye plans to tour with Lady Gaga
06/16/09: De La Soul announce tour dates
06/16/09: Song of the Day: Clipse (feat. Pharrell) "I'm Good"
06/15/09: 50 bored with hip hop, hip hop feels pretty much the same about 50
06/15/09: Weezy tours with Jeezy
06/15/09: Update: Nas / Beasties Bonnaroo collaboration - Now with AUDIO!
06/15/09: Nas featured on Beastie Boys track
06/12/09: Song of the Day: Das Racist "Combination Pizza Hut and Taco Bell" (Wallpaper Remix)
06/12/09: Common featured on Jonas Brothers track, hip hop cancelled
06/01/09: Song of the Day: Wale "Hot Shyt"


05/31/09: New De La for 2010
05/26/09: Cadence Weapon named Poet Laureate of Edmonton
05/19/09: Cuban Linx II gets release date
05/19/09: R.I.P. Dolla
05/17/09: Jay-Z to tour with Ciara
05/16/09: T.I. to serve his time in Arkansas
05/15/09: Mary J. Blige, Talib Kweli, Wyclef, Mike D, Ad-Rock hit 30 Rock
05/15/09: Brian Williams talks about Questlove's drums
05/12/09: Canadian hip hop editor calling for ban on Cam'ron
05/11/09: LOL: Obama makes a funny
05/11/09: DJ Qbert launches online DJ school
05/04/09: Song of the day: Eminem "3 A.M."
05/03/09: Song of the Day: Cool Kids "Popcorn"
05/02/09: Nas, Kelis to divorce
05/02/09: Jay-Z: "There is no such thing as black music"


04/28/09: Someone autotuned "I Have a Dream"
04/20/09: Song of the Day: Clipse (feat. Kanye West) "Kinda Like a Big Deal"
04/15/09: OB4CL2, Detox still not out
04/09/09: South Park brings Yeezy to his knees
04/07/09: Nas, Damian Marley headline Rock the Bells
04/07/09: Run-D.M.C. inducted into Rock Hall, decline to play ceremony
04/07/09: Common, Biz Markie play Chicago Public Schools benefit
04/07/09: New Eminem, same as the old Eminem
04/05/09: Rock the Bells lineup to be announced Tuesday
04/03/09: Air Yeezy to be released Saturday
04/02/09: Sunny D goes hip hop, sets BPM up for clever joke
04/01/09: Some random Paid Dues clips
04/01/09: Concert Review: The Game


03/31/09: Dead Prez set June release date
03/30/09: Raekwon signs with EMI, OB4CL "done"
03/29/09: Del to release free album, tour America
03/28/09: Songs of the Day: Various Paid Dues Artists
03/27/09: Paid Dues set for tomorrow
03/27/09: T.I. sentenced
03/26/09: Method Man's ride repossessed
03/26/09: Lil' Kim making a movie
03/26/09: T.I. to be sentenced Friday
03/25/09: Song of the Day: P.O.S. "Why Go" (Pearl Jam cover)
03/24/09: Concert Review: Lil Wayne
03/23/09: N.E.R.D. detained in Malaysia, forced to cancel shows
03/23/09: TLC to reunite in Japan
03/22/09: Kanye to guest on Family Guy spin-off
03/22/09: Eminem to induct Run-DMC into Rock Hall
03/17/09: The Roots Bring the Noise
03/09/09: NWA the movie
03/06/09: Cam'ron to release 3 horrible albums, 2 terrible movies
03/06/09: Jonas Brothers go hip hop
03/06/09: The Game didn't retire
03/04/09: Song of the Day: Lil Wayne "Prom Queen"
03/03/09: Cypress Hill reuniting
03/03/09: DMC getting a reality show
03/02/09: Roots run with Fallon starts tonight
03/01/09: Snoop drops by Nation of Islam convention


02/26/09: Atmosphere, P.O.S. to tour
02/23/09: Hip Hop museum opens in Queens
02/21/09: Concert Review: Fly Phoenix
02/21/09: LOL: New RNC chairman hopes to give party hip hop makeover!
02/20/09: Song of the Day: Dr. Dre "Topless"
02/17/09: Akon's manager beats the shit out of Suge Knight
02/16/09: Song of the Day: Jay-Z "Dead Presidents"
02/15/09: The Adventures of Lil Ice Cube
02/14/09: Eminem breaks download record
02/09/09: Grammy Round Up
02/09/09: T-Pain gets chummy with a boat
02/08/09: Lil Wayne gets chummy with Katie Couric
02/07/09: K-Fed's rap career to get jump start from Bone Thugs
02/04/09: 50 ups the ante in battle of who could care less
02/03/09: Rhymefest opens the floor
02/03/09: Nas confirms appearance on Detox
02/02/09: Beasties, Snoop, others bring rap to stages of major festivals
02/02/09: Run-D.M.C. biopic on the way
02/02/09: Lupe changes his mind
02/02/09: Song of the Day: Johnson & Jonson - Bout it Bout it
02/02/09: Erykah Badu has babies with everyone
02/02/09: Beef roundup


01/27/09: Proposed anti-gang law targets hip hop clothing in Utah
01/27/09: UGK swan song due in March
01/26/09: Death Row: where "West Coast" means "Vancouver"
01/26/09: Swagga Like Us... live?
01/26/09: Our last article about Lil Wayne ever!
01/22/09: Does Lil Wayne have a syrup problem?
01/20/09: Obama sworn in as president
01/19/09: Song of the Day: Young Jeezy (feat. Jay-Z) "My President" (live)
01/19/09: Utter silliness ensues at Notorious screenings
01/19/09: T.I. reality show to debut next month
01/16/09: Nas, Kelis expecting first child
01/15/09: Lil Wayne to perform at Grammys
01/15/09: Bow Wow reportedly beats, chokes, robs Bizzy Bone
01/14/09: Run DMC to enter the Rock Hall of Fame!
01/14/09: Kanye compares himself to Bj√∂rk
01/14/09: Own a piece of Death Row!
01/12/09: Soulja Boy: The Animated Series
01/10/09: R. Kelly divorces
01/10/09: Rockin' with Lil Wayne
01/10/09: 50 Cent...ok?
01/10/09: T.I. logs over 800 hours of community service
01/10/09: Inauguration shows basically sold out
01/06/09: Lil Wayne and the BCS
01/06/09: 50 Cent reveals Before I Self Destruct tracklist
01/05/09: Lil Wayne update
01/04/09: Song of the Day: Distrakt "Fire Escape"



12/30/08: Beasties to reissue Paul's Boutique
12/30/08: Soulja Boy says more things to rile up hip hop snobs
12/29/08: OMG! Rap actually invented by the SCOTTISH!!!
12/29/08: That's enough, Lil Wayne.
12/20/08: Seventh Seal to drop in the Spring?
12/13/08: Hip Hop + Legos
12/11/08: Grandmaster Flash to release new album
12/09/08: Jimmy Fallon introduces The Roots
12/08/08: Lil Wayne documentary to debut at Sundance
12/05/08: Song of the Day: Pimp C "I'm Free"
12/04/08: Song of the Day: Yea Big + Kid Static "The Life Here"
12/04/08: Lil Wayne scores 8 Grammy Nominations
12/03/08: NY AG orders Weezy to repay fans
12/03/08: Toyz N Da Hood, featuring Soulja Boy
12/03/08: Song of the Day: Jay-Z "Brooklyn (Go Hard)"
12/02/08: Freeway begins "Month of Madness"


11/25/08: WTF? Bush pardons John Forte
11/22/08: Clipse to release mix-tape, clothes
11/22/08: Song of the Day: Q-Tip "Renaissance Rap"
11/20/08: Rock the Bells Charity Auction
11/20/08: ?uestlove: "Dog we are soooo alive right now"
11/20/08: Be our friend on Myspace!
11/19/08: Suge...ok?
11/18/08: Suge Knight charged in girlfriend's beating
11/16/08: R.I.P. Jax
11/15/08: Roots to serve as Fallon's house band?!?!
11/14/08: Chicago-Rilla Bump J charged in Oak Park robbery
11/13/08: ODB biography to be released next month
11/13/08: Lil Wayne does more things
11/13/08: Three Outkast albums next year?
11/12/08: Suge Knight sues Kanye West
11/11/08: Beyonce has sights set on Glastonbury
11/11/08: Jim Jones remixes MGMT
11/11/08: Lil Wayne's Dedication 3 due out this week!
11/11/08: R. Kelly's nephew shot
11/08/08: Nikki Giovanni edits the cutest rap book ever
11/07/08: R.I.P. Rap City
11/07/08: Common to release song early after Obama victory
11/05/08: More Videos: Ron Clark kids, Cornel West
11/05/08: Song of the Day: Nas "Election Night"
11/04/08: Hell Yes
11/04/08: Song of the Day: Young Jeezy (feat. Nas) "My President"
11/03/08: Lupe's last album to be three albums
11/01/08: "What were you going to do with machine guns?"


10/31/08: Black Sheep remake "The Choice is Yours"
10/29/08: Pretty much the greatest thing ever!
10/29/08: Dr. Dre sues author of biography
10/27/08: Big Boi to guest star on Law and Order
10/27/08: Universal Mind Control tracklist announced
10/24/08: Wu-Tang, Meth and Red going on separate tours
10/24/08: Phife Dawg gets new kidney
10/24/08: Mos Def to release new album, tour Europe with Rock the Bells
10/24/08: Things you should know about Lil Wayne's future
10/23/08: EPMD supposedly will release new album in time for Christmas
10/23/08: Common already planning album after this album finally comes out
10/22/08: Gnarls Barkley to release new EP November 11
10/21/08: New Soulja Boy in December!
10/21/08: PHEW! We FINALLY know who Eminem is voting for!
10/20/08: Eminem's memoir drops tomorrow
10/20/08: Lil Wayne to re-release Carter III
10/18/08: Flavor Flav in a Sombrero
10/16/08: Eminem talks new album, reveals new song
10/15/08: Colin Powell gets down at Africa Rising Festival
10/15/08: New Kanye album revealed at listening party
10/14/08: Beasties, Santogold play Get Out and Vote shows
10/10/08: Rap fan fined after refusing ridiculous punishment
10/09/08: Naughty by Nature to reunite
10/08/08: Weezy, Jeezy scheduled to perform at BET Awards
10/08/08: DJ Hero gets some competition
10/08/08: Paper Trail Debuts at Number 1
10/07/08: Insane Clown Posse merchandise banned at school stuck in time warp
10/07/08: John Legend to drop album, tour America
10/07/08: Bananas rap super group in the works?
10/07/08: UPDATE: T.I. to get the "Weird Al" treatment
10/03/08: VH1's 100 Greatest Hip Hop Songs: 40-21
10/02/08: Sen Dog talks to Billboard about new Cypress Hill
10/02/08: BET to air Wu-Tang documentary
10/01/08: VH1's 100 Greatest Hip Hop Songs: 60-41
10/01/08: Jay-Z to play free shows for Obama
10/01/08: VH1's 100 Greatest Hip Hop Songs: 80-61


09/30/08: Eve added to Hip Hop Honors
09/30/08: Wale album coming in March?
09/30/08: Racist shock jock handed afternoon gig at Jacksonville station
09/30/08: VH1's 100 Greatest Hip Hop Songs: 100-81
09/30/08: Kanye's mom gets bill, veto
09/29/08: Obama: hip hop generation is "entrepreneurial"
09/26/08: Sale of hip hop's birthplace scheduled to proceed next week
09/26/08: 50 Cent just keeps saying shit
09/25/08: Busta busted
09/25/08: Lil Wayne blogs for ESPN
09/25/08: Ed McMahon finds new career in rap
09/24/08: Jean Grae takes out Craigslist ad
09/24/08: And the best hip hop song ever is...
09/24/08: Kanye pushes up release date to November
09/24/08: Jay-Z launches new label
09/23/08: Some dude writes rap ditty for Nasa
09/23/08: Hip Hop Caucus hopes to register 50,000 voters in one day
09/23/08: Kanye, Rhymefest working on a puppet show!
09/22/08: Busta quits Aftermath for Motown
09/22/08: Run-DMC among Rock Hall nominees
09/22/08: Hip Hop Honors talent list continues to grow
09/20/08: 50 Cent ends beef with Jadakiss
09/20/08: Rosa Clemente talks hip hop
09/20/08: LL Cool J threatens to quit rap
09/18/08: DJ Hero on the way!
09/18/08: M.I.A. starts clothing line
09/17/08: 50 Cent LP coming in December, nation groans
09/16/08: Nate Dogg suffers second stroke
09/15/08: Episcopal priest publishes book about hip hop
09/15/08: Katt Williams to host BET Hip Hop Awards
09/15/08: Out This Week: September 16
09/15/08: Wu-Tang face UFC fighters in chess
09/15/08: Dizzee Rascal to collaborate with Sugarhill Gang
09/14/08: Rappers raise AIDS awareness at Dallas event
09/12/08: Queen Latifah returns in December
09/11/08: Kanye West arrested at LAX!
09/10/08: Timbaland going to court over failed Australian tour
09/10/08: Wu-Tang to re-release several albums
09/10/08: Common changes album title
09/10/08: Kanye album supposedly due December 16
09/09/08: Simmons' Hip Hop Summit to address mortgage crisis
09/09/08: New hip hop shows coming to VH1
09/09/08: MF Doom to release new album
09/08/08: Out This Week: September 9
09/08/08: Big Boi, Biz Markie among Hip Hop Honors performers
09/08/08: Kanye performs Love Lockdown at VMAs
09/05/08: Johnny Cash gets remixed by hip hop artists
09/05/08: Timbaland producing new Chris Cornell album
09/05/08: LL Cool J to open for Janet
09/04/08: Kanye's life-long boycott of VMAs to end after one long year
09/04/08: Manhattan's Hip-Hop Theatre Festival starts September 23
09/04/08: WHAAAA?!?! New Kanye album in December!
09/04/08: Surprise (Again)! Rage's RNC show ends in a riot
09/04/08: Dyson to write a book on Illmatic!
09/03/08: Daddy Yankee still doing things to support McCain
09/03/08: New Ludacris album may feature Eminem collaboration
09/03/08: Nas squashes rumors of DJ Premier collaboration
09/03/08: SURPRISE! Rage Against the Machine's scheduled RNC show ends in a fiasco!
09/02/08: Out Today: September 2
09/02/08: T.I.'s New Single Sets Record
09/02/08: BPM Is Looking For Writers
09/02/08: Welcome to Beats Per Millennium